>Retail therapy

>Ok, what does a gal do when she waits? She shops!

I am not so much a major shopper anymore, and frankly, I’ve got most of the basics and big items already. You know, after a few kids, you tend to have most of what you need. However, this wait is hard and I’ve got no way to bond but to dream of my new little boy and buy a few things, special for him. The only major buys I am thinking of is another rocking chair, so I can have one upstairs and down (one in bedroom and in the family room so we aren’t isolated if he needs some rocking).

But on the more trivial level, I have to say I just got the coolest sling! Find it here [shameless plug].

It just came and I gave it a test drive with my very large 4 year old (a big guy and probably over the recommended weight, but hey, it worked and he loved it and I was comfy – so it’s a win!). If this sling can work easily with my Little Man, then even though my new guy is not a small baby – but an older baby becoming a toddler – this should work well with him! I suspect he might need a whole lot of carrying around. I tend to carry all my newly adopted ones around for a good while, it imprints them to me and me to them I think.

Now I never did use slings with my older boys, they just were poorly designed way back then. Too cumbersome and frankly, kind of ugly. Plus, I was much younger and living in L.A. and just too “cool” to be wearing the big cumbersome pastel striped padded hot sling in the southern California sun. Young and stupid, what can I say? Now I am older and hopefully wiser, but certainly beyond caring about silly things such as that. However, even if I was a total slave to fashion (which my preteen daughter will attest, I am SO not), these slings are gorgeous and fun and beautiful or funky or whatever you like. A whole new generation of babywearing and in the nick of time, if you ask me.

So, I am excited. I want to go and get my little guy and pop him in this sling and tour around Addis and cuddle and just feel him next to me, snuggled in tight. So, a silly drivel of a post, but a fun and exciting delivery this morning for our little waiting household. We’ll take what we can get these days! Not much else to post when you’re waiting……..

5 thoughts on “>Retail therapy

  1. >Oh my goodness! I just posted a blog last week about ZoloWear slings. The founder is a college friend of mine. She has done so well with this business. I loved, loved, loved my pouch. I was actually sad when Anna would not let me carry her in it any more. You need to ask for business cards! Trust me, people will be asking where you found it!Rebecca

  2. >Shelly, well, thank you for my biggest laugh of the day! You’ve got to be kidding!!!!! Organization??? Of what???? No, Grace has that crown and for good. I am so far from organized that it is just pitiful….I just can type fast, that’s it. But well, thanks ever so much for the good thought! ha! Have a good night, you’ve just brought a needed laugh into our bedtdime follies tonight (running kiddos, spilled legos, you know…organized. ha!)


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