>Our Backyard

Ok, kidding.

But, it’s still raining.
And I have spring fever in the worst way!
Meaning, I have summer fever. Because spring means rain.
But I crave hot sunshine and dry roads to run on and backyards to play in.

I want to stop waiting for our boy to come home and play with him outside.
I have too much time to type on rainy days, hence my long stream of consciousness posts (and yes I type fast and don’t really edit, see below, sorry).

But rest assured, life goes on here. I have fingers gooey from marshmallow krispie bars (thank you S.P. you are wonderful, I love these!). And we spent the morning, with heroic effort by great Dad of the house, cleaning up after the dog who is terrified of stormy nights. ‘Nuff said. So. Still raining. But they do say, sun tomorrow…which means of course: the girls first soccer game! Hoowah!


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