>Progress….of sorts

> Well, we are making progress!

My teen son went from lying on the lacrosse field, unable to move.

To lying on our sofa, with a knee of frightening and strange proportions.

To surgery.

To this, back to school with a cast and crutches, repaired but not near healed.

And now we are here: today’s much anticipated freedom from the cursed cast. Now he is in a brace! Hoorah hooray!!!

Yes, he is still immobilized and non weight bearing.
But hey, we will celebrate all little bits of progress…and scratching an itch and feeling fresh air, well that is not only major progress, but bliss!!!

You’ll be back on the fields in no time BooBoo!

This mundane post is brought to you in lieu of any adoption news, as we are still in that twilight zone of pre-court date….one more week, one more week……


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