>Praying for Court

Praying especially tonight for passes for our fellow Gladney families to pass court tomorrow!
High hopes for good news for the Roberts family, the Silvestri family, and Angie and Anil. Also, prayers continuing for the Treat family and little Samuel for a pass this Thursday!

1 thought on “>Praying for Court

  1. >Remember that scene in “The Passion” when Jesus carrying His cross falls in front of Mary, His heart wrenchingly distraught mother? She flashes back to a memory when He (His humanity formed from hers, flesh of her flesh and bone of her bone) was still a little boy during those 30 quiet years spent with her, and an earlier fall in front of her a long time before, prefiguring this one. She rushed to catch Him up in her arms and comfort Him in His affliction. Seeing Him fall again in front of her, this time bearing His cross and the weight of our afflictions, again her anguished mother’s heart drives her to Him, deeply wanting to hold Him and comfort Him. As a father I have learned that a mother, from the depths of her heart, needs to clutch her child to her in his distress, to comfort him. Because his distress is her distress, and the only way she can be comforted is by comforting him. That’s how God in His wisdom has made us. In His humble compassion he became one of us, not only to save us, but also to become vulnerable so we could comfort Him in His afflictions and thereby comfort us in ours. “Behold, I make all things new”.This icon was written (painted) by a Greek Orthodox nun on the island of Patmos at the monastery of St. John, constructed a thousand years ago over the cave where St. John the Apostle lived in exile; St. John, the beloved disciple was given charge to care for Mary our Lord’s mother — to adopt her as his own — by Jesus himself from the cross. It portrays Mary distressed, she’s been pondering in her heart the words Simeon had spoken to her in the temple; his prophesy alluding to her son’s future passion which would be to her a sword, piercing the depths of her maternal soul. Instinctively she pulls Him close in her arms and hugs him tightly wanting to protect Him, and He in return holds her and kisses her cheek to comfort her. “Behold mother, I make all things new”Icons like this one are to remind us of the tender love that He has for us, a love encompassing all love — the love of a Father for his son, a husband for his bride, a mother for her child, a child for His mother. The invisible, ineffable, God not only became visible (whoever has seen me has seen the Father) but became true flesh, a baby, a little child, a man; the True Image (Iconos) of God, huggable, holdable, kissable, comforted and comforting.Lord help me always to remember you, not only in your divinity but in your Sacred, now Glorified humanity; bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh. Let me see you in the faces of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, neighbors and enemies, and especially in the distressing disguise of the poor, widows, and orphans. Let me always seek to comfort them, and so in turn be comforted. Please place our son in his mothers arms, soon.


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