>Balloons for joy, hope

>Congratulations to the Roberts Family and Angie and Anil!!! They passed court today and are surely rejoicing tonight! Yahoo! And for the Silvestri Family, our hearts go out to you! Next week is coming soon and we will be waiting with you, and until then keep you in our prayers for comfort and hope. Treat family, and Samantha, we are praying for great news tomorrow for you too!

2 thoughts on “>Balloons for joy, hope

  1. >Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog… glad I found my way over here. I love finding other crazy families like ours! Large Catholic families are one of a kind… we celebrate the Confirmation of one, and the First Communion of another within two weeks here.I’ll be praying for you guys as well… I am assuming you are headed for courts too? I don’t know a lot about Ethiopian adoption. Our son is from Haiti, and we did our adoption completely backwards LOL.

  2. >I agree, that’s one of the reasons I love your blog! And large catholic families, it’s a very rich life!Yes, we have a court date: one week, April 17! Can’t wait! Hoping hard for a pass so we’ll take the prayers w/ gratitude. I would love to hear more about your Haiti adoption. We had looked into Haiti as we’ve always also had a heart for Haiti (my husband has been there several times and done medical work there, it pulled at him). But it seemed we were too large a family. So. But it always works out doesn’t it, as we’ve also had a heart for Ethiopia for a long time. I had books on it and had checked into adoption there before we ever even adopted domestically. Go figure! A long winding path….wonderful.Anyhow, happy to meet you too, cyberwise anyhow! Thanks! Michele G


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