>God bless visiting moms!


Here’s a brand new pic of our sweet boy!

God bless Shelly for holding and snuggling with him and sending pics and a long gift of email. It made me cry and started my day with a bang early this morning. This is such an emotional roller coaster – the countdown to go meet our son. But oh, it’s so great to get the views of a “mom on the ground” of your waiting baby/toddler! So great to have him hugged on your behalf! Bless you all who’ve stood in for us: Ted and Lori, Buttercup and Farmboy, the Albertsons, and the Schumachers! Thank you! Please keep Shelly and the travelers in your prayers, they could all use them.

Can’t stop staring at this boy.
She called him “Mr. Dreamy.” I think she meant Mr. Sleepy though…. How funny is that?

We are sure dreaming of him here!

3 thoughts on “>God bless visiting moms!

  1. >traveling families are totally the greatest and we are so grateful to them all! IMHO all you adoptive families are some of the nicest coolest folks I have met, cyberwise and in person!


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