>Embassy and Last Monday, in Addis (the 19th)

>Well I am waiting for Tom and big kids to return from Egypt. {that side trip is a series of posts, in and of themselves! Soon soon.}

I have not heard from them so I am guessing their flight is en route. I hope so. It’s been fine here w/out them but I am ready for them to return. Wagayu and Solomon have fussed over me like mother hens. They have won me over! I am not really one to be fussed over, usually I am the fusser (so to speak), but it is sweet and has made me feel safe and snug. And I suppose, so far away from home and with my family in three different countries, unable to contact each other, that is an ok feeling after all.

Being a bad wife and mom, I have asked Solomon to go to the airport and let me stay here w/ Tariku instead of all of us going to greet them. Travis mentioned lines for 45 minutes just to enter the airport and then longer again to get through security to greet them. Considering that and the fact that they will once again have to pass through customs, I figured I would rather the baby goes to bed peacefully and myself too. We will wake once they arrive.

Happily, joyfully, miraculously, we passed through the Embassy date today!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!! Belay is a miracle worker. Truly. He is the man that makes things happen. Period. Our visa paperwork doesn’t get picked up until 2 pm tomorrow, and we leave for airport a little after 6 pm, so it feels like it’s cutting it close, but Belay doesn’t seem worried so I will try not to be as well. I am so happy to be going home!!! I have had an amazing trip here, and really think Ethiopia is simply beautiful and Addis is a fascinating city. But I need to go home to my other children who are needing me back. I need to have all my children together, with me. So I need to return home.

But Africa, Ethiopia, will hold a special place in my heart. THe people I have met, the few I have gotten to know a little, and the faces of strangers and the strangers who approached me to talk about this sweet boy…..they have carved a niche in my heart. The woman who came up to me at a restaurant and asked if this was my new child and was I adopting him? I said, happily, yes! And she complimented me and said it was a great thing for him and she was so glad. We had a nice visit for a few minutes and compared children (yes she spoke english). The several women who asked me, “adopting” and I said “yes!” with a smile and they said “thank you.” Or they said, “God bless you” and I said, “He did, this boy blesses us.” This humbled me. Made me blink and almost cry.

The faces of the people we passed in the streets. The faces of the children at the orphanages. Hugging the children who would nestle up close. The littler ones would casually lean in toward me until they were touching me. Except one sweet girl who just climbed up in my lap and wouldn’t get down. ANd I hugged them all. Tight. And kissed their heads. And blinked back my tears. And hugged them again. The older boys at Kolfe, who would come and practice their English, show me their math books, and just kind of hang around. They got hugs too if it looked like they might accept them. The girls at Kechene, Arazune, who came and sat next to me on the steps to say hello, and then showed me a card she had made with stars and hearts. We talked a little, what little we could and just sat together, close by. Then she said as it was time to leave, “Don’t forget me.” Oh. How could I???

So, my son is now on his way home. But I now have a part of my heart in Africa.

>Last Sunday in Addis: Mass

>Ok, if I wait for these to be put in nice order….well, I’ll never post. Perhaps that would be better for all of you. But well, tough. I’m just gonna put up what I can, so I don’t forget either. Bear with me. These will all be jumbled and not in trip time order. Sorry.

Today (last Sunday actually, the 18th) Tariku and I went to mass in Addis, at Holy Saviour Church.

It is (was…ok, I’m done now. Please figure out this was written a week ago..ahem: Buddy Bug!) Trinity Sunday, the Feast of the Family, and also vocations Sunday. A triple header!

And how perfect that this is the first sunday my new son gets to go to mass, his first.

My vocation is to be a mom. It might not be glamorous, but it’s what I do. Period. So, today was that in a nutshell. And the Feast of the Family, well, our family just grew. Perfect. And Trinity Sunday, where we celebrate the Trinity…where God so loved His Son that the love formed another: the Holy Spirit. Love become person, love not a frilly notion, love so real it has a name. And now we have another love so real, that he has a name, he is getting heavy to carry already and he scrunches up his nose when he laughs.

How cool it is when life mirrors what is most true and most real, how your life can parallel the liturgical calendar and life in the church, how each small family can parallel the larger church family.

Trinity Sunday, Feast of the Family. Mass with Tariku. Today is a good day.

These pics were actually from the Ethiopian Orthodox Cathedral. I forgot to bring my camera to Holy Savior….because that’s how I travel. Doh.
Almost all pics of this trip were courtesy of my sons photo efforts. Thanks guys!

>That’s what’s fun about a brother

>I’m not feeling my best this weekend, so I am linking to my eldest’s new goofy blog. Where he disparages his mother but gushes about his new brother.

We are all super great. Gabriel Tariku is doing surprisingly well, really seems comfy and relaxed. Likes to be held best by mom, but also very gleeful to baby wrestle with his newest big brother, the very big four year old! More tomorrow, after hopefully I am back to my normal self. We are all just head over heels in love with this wonderful little boy! God is so good it blows our minds.

And if you’re wondering about the pic: That’s a baby Gabriel kiss and hug, that is! Who can resist??