>Last Sunday in Addis: Mass

>Ok, if I wait for these to be put in nice order….well, I’ll never post. Perhaps that would be better for all of you. But well, tough. I’m just gonna put up what I can, so I don’t forget either. Bear with me. These will all be jumbled and not in trip time order. Sorry.

Today (last Sunday actually, the 18th) Tariku and I went to mass in Addis, at Holy Saviour Church.

It is (was…ok, I’m done now. Please figure out this was written a week ago..ahem: Buddy Bug!) Trinity Sunday, the Feast of the Family, and also vocations Sunday. A triple header!

And how perfect that this is the first sunday my new son gets to go to mass, his first.

My vocation is to be a mom. It might not be glamorous, but it’s what I do. Period. So, today was that in a nutshell. And the Feast of the Family, well, our family just grew. Perfect. And Trinity Sunday, where we celebrate the Trinity…where God so loved His Son that the love formed another: the Holy Spirit. Love become person, love not a frilly notion, love so real it has a name. And now we have another love so real, that he has a name, he is getting heavy to carry already and he scrunches up his nose when he laughs.

How cool it is when life mirrors what is most true and most real, how your life can parallel the liturgical calendar and life in the church, how each small family can parallel the larger church family.

Trinity Sunday, Feast of the Family. Mass with Tariku. Today is a good day.

These pics were actually from the Ethiopian Orthodox Cathedral. I forgot to bring my camera to Holy Savior….because that’s how I travel. Doh.
Almost all pics of this trip were courtesy of my sons photo efforts. Thanks guys!

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