>Testing: one, two, three


Another day of preparation.

This time it’s for the summer season!
Gotta clean the pool and yard.
Gotta test the water and see if it’s warm enough to go in….
I know.
That’s silly: for these three, it’s ALWAYS warm enough to go in!
If the cover is open, (and adult present, don’t worry) the water is FINE!

So, summer begins. Today. At least for an hour or two….Dive in!

>ET Phone Home

Ethiopia, phone home, that is.

Ok, I am calling out for tips: how did you seasoned travelers call home from Addis?

Did you use an international cell? Yours or rented?
Did you use Skype? How? On computer or land line?
Did you have access to land lines (to set up skype sessions)?
Did you use an international calling card? Where did you get it? Cost? (the site suggested by agency doesn’t list rates for Ethiopia, thus seems like I can’t buy a card)
Did you rent a local prepaid cell? Where did you get that? How much did it cost (if you don’t mind saying)?

This time next week we will be traveling and we haven’t got the whole communication thing settled, which is of course making me stressed and nuts. I’m sure I’m just being stupid and missing the obvious.

We really need to be able to check in with the kiddos at home, daily. So, I’m hitting you all up for advice, experience, and tips: how did you do it? Phone home!!