>ET Phone Home

Ethiopia, phone home, that is.

Ok, I am calling out for tips: how did you seasoned travelers call home from Addis?

Did you use an international cell? Yours or rented?
Did you use Skype? How? On computer or land line?
Did you have access to land lines (to set up skype sessions)?
Did you use an international calling card? Where did you get it? Cost? (the site suggested by agency doesn’t list rates for Ethiopia, thus seems like I can’t buy a card)
Did you rent a local prepaid cell? Where did you get that? How much did it cost (if you don’t mind saying)?

This time next week we will be traveling and we haven’t got the whole communication thing settled, which is of course making me stressed and nuts. I’m sure I’m just being stupid and missing the obvious.

We really need to be able to check in with the kiddos at home, daily. So, I’m hitting you all up for advice, experience, and tips: how did you do it? Phone home!!

5 thoughts on “>ET Phone Home

  1. >Hi there! We actually never called home or received calls, so I’ll be of no help. Our kids are so young that talking to them would’ve caused more distress, I think. So I emailed with my mom every day. Sorry I have no advice!!! I’m sure you’ll get some… I think there’s calling card info in the travel packet. becca 🙂

  2. >thanks becca! I totally get that, when they are so young I agree it can backfire to call sometimes! I had checked the calling card site from the packet but it couldn’t find rates for Ethiopia. Guess I’ll have to call ’em on Monday…but thanks for ringing in w/ what you did. I’ve been wondering how you other families w/ kiddos at home managed it! We’ll get it figured out!

  3. >We never called home either, since we were blessed to have all our kids with us. We did get a cell phone from the owner of the Ayat House and used it for all kinds of local calls. I did need to call our travel agent once, and used the cell phone for that, too. I had an old AT&T international calling card that I brought along just in case and it worked fine. I have a feeling if you ask your driver, he will know where you can go to make calls. They really seem to know pretty much everything.SO soon you will be snuggling with your son. Can you believe it???FYI, this week has gone SO well. Kume has been wanting to snuggle with me since day one, but today, Jambo actually asked me to pick him up and snuggle. Awesome!!!

  4. >We did call home once and called directly from our hotel. We made sure not to make it long. I had a calling card with me, but it didn’t work at the hotel. Otherwise, I blogged everyday, or pretty close. Our families knew the blog address and to check it to see what was up. Gmail is what I used for email while there, so they also could email me and I could get back to them that way too. You won’t be able to blog while there, but you can email a posting to your blog. If you need help with that let me know. I can help you get it set up.

  5. >Buttercup, I think that you might have the idea: asking our driver. That’s what it’s looking like it’s coming down to….(yeah, I homeschool, check out that grammar< ack!). So glad your week has gone so well, those kids are adorable!Andrea, I can buy online intl calling cards for FROM USA TO ET, but not the reverse…that’s what’s got me stumped. I’d love to blog when I’m there but still need to work on a way to check in w/ voice w/ my kiddos…they are at that age. but would love to know how to set up an email blog thing too, can you email me? Thanks so much, you’re the best!


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