>Things they don’t tell you about the wait….part 2

>That adopting, and the week before travel, is it’s own kind of rollercoaster!

That in countdown week, the run-up to travel…..you become kind of a schizophrenic mess.


What I mean is this:
People keep saying to you, and you keep thinking in your head, “Oh my goodness, you leave in (insert current number) days! Are you ready?”

And you think, or say, “Are you kidding, NO! I have million things to get done!”

But you also think, or say, “Are you kidding? I”ve been ready! Oh, I can’t wait, I need to leave now!”

And time seems to zip by at warp speed. And then it crawls. Stops. Drags. You find yourself multitasking ten things at once and then you find yourself drooping, trying to find a way to still your mind as you sit in a time lull.

And then someone says to you, and you think in your head, “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you are adopting again! You have a new son! That is such a big deal!”

And you think, or you say, “I know, it’s unbelievable! It’s SO big!”

But then, you stop, and you think, “But then again, it is not big at all. It is the most simple thing on earth. It’s easy.”

He’s a little boy. He has no one else, we were made for each other.
So what’s so hard or big about that? It’s big, but it’s small in the most basic perfect way. He is a small boy. We are a big family. I am a mom. He fits in my arms. That is about as simple as it gets.

So, my head is spinning, starting and stopping this week…following my body and motions and emotions.

Stop. Start. Fast. Slow. Big. Little. Complicated. Simple.

This week is a rollercoaster.

And no one tells you about this part. Except maybe they do, in the pictures you see at placement….but we didn’t have the eyes to see it then. Now we do.

It’s the biggest ride of our lives!
And yes, four, no now three, more days! Whew!