>Have Electricity?

>Shelly again:

A mix of the power outages and waiting on paperwork from MOWA they have not been able to pass the embassy appointment yet.  Trying again for Monday.  Please pray for them as they wait for all this to come together and settle in more with their new little man.  I’ll post more once I hear from her again.

>Extra Bit of Info – Prayer Request

>Hello again! … I realize there was more info I should have posted.  I’ll copy and paste Michele’s email here.  ~Shelly

Tariku is doing better, still shell shocked and shy but warming to us all, a bit to dad, but definitely to me and that is fantastic.  We are very tired.  Our embassy appt today was cancelled, still no fingerprints and so we hope for tomorrow or it will be MOnday or????????  So, prayers would be very appreciated.
Thanks everyone! …. I know she’ll appreciate your love and prayers while they wait for things to process.