>They have HIM!!!


Hello! … this is Shelly, a friend of Michele’s.  I got an email this morning from her as they couldn’t post from Ethiopia.  So I was able to reach her and am posting for her.  I know you’re all dying to hear how things are.  I had the absolute privilege of meeting precious Tariku recently when we traveled to bring home our daughter.  He is such an amazing little guy.  SO great seeing them finally together!  Enjoy!

We are here! It took forever to get here and we barely made our flight out of D.C.  But we did and 16hours later, ok, 18, ok, almost 30 hours total traveling, we made it to Addis! The guest house is great, simple but perfect for us, and everyone is super nice.  We are ok, jet lagged but fine.

And yesterday around 1 pm we finally met our new son!!! We were supposed to meet him early in the morning but he had to go to doc for embassy appt medical and so we had to meet him around 1, outside this local restaurant in Addis, Antico (Great food, pizza).  Weird, nervous, but then all fo a sudden there he was!!!!!!!!! Tiny, dressed in red warmups, and no he didn’t want ot just come to me, so I patted him, as i cried and cried, and cooed at him and then Travis (the in country reP) placed in my arms regardless of his feelings about it. He didn’t cry but was stiff and scared, which make me cry more.

But he felt SO SO SO good.  Perfect.  Perfect.  He felt just like my boy.  And he held on tight.  but he snuggled in and stayed there, all through a long lunch (all meals are LOooonnnng here) and then back to our house so we coudl all snooze and collapse a bit.  Finally I was playing quietly on mybed w/ him and a few toys.  Hannah got the first smile and laugh, and then he giggled. He smiled!!! And so, we think he has some great personality in there, but he is stilla  big shell shocked and so it’s gonna take a while to full bloom.  He is very watchful, but so sweet, and cuddly, and he hides his head in my shoulder or chest when he is uncertain, and he looks out of his corner eyes,.

So, we have a son.  Gabriel Tariku.  He feels just perfect for us.  He is gorgeous and tiny and wonderful.  we are all great and will send more mail when we can, but internet and email is all but impossible.  VERRYYY slow and very difficult to find.  we are doing this for fee at the Hilton downtown.  Hey, anyone who wants to call, Jean and Sarah P, at my house, have our cell phone number here and they also have a cheap calling card number for us.  So call!

Miss you all, can’t wait for you to see him,  MOm/Nanc…ok all of you: you’re gonna flip over this boy!

All our love, Ciao from Addis!

love M

2 thoughts on “>They have HIM!!!

  1. >Oh he is precious. I remember him vividly from our visit to the care center; he was so expressive, gentle and happy. I know you are thrilled. Congratulations; enjoy the ride.


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