>One of the Heroes

Notes from Addis:

“My Hero”: Solomon.

Solomon is (was) our driver. He carts us around, patiently, in a red toyota van. He has been trying to woo Tariku since we met….and he is winning. Tariku now reaches for him and plays with him. Solomon will help cheer Tariku if he is cranky. Solomon will ignore us if we are cranky.

He patiently answers our surely stupid questions that are the same ones he’s been asked hundreds of times before. He is a whiz driver, expertly maneuvering between trucks and buses and cows, coming within inches of all, and squeezing by. Even with the careening traffic in Addis, Solomon stops to let any person who might need a bit more time across the road – he hangs out the window and tells them something akin to “Hey, it’s ok, go now, I’ll wait for you.” He has done this with elderly, lame, blind.

He is such a gentleman. My husband and big kids left for a few days in Egypt, and I am alone with Tariku here for three days and nights. He has been like a big brother taking care of me {even as I am quite a bit older than him}. He has helped me find a bathroom where none would be found and waited a short distance away to escort me safely back. Last night, as we returned from a late dinner, he dropped off the Lake family. As I started to get out of the van to head to our guest house, Solomon blocked the door. I said “Solomon, the house is right there! We can walk!” And he laughed and said, “Oh no, it’s dark” and slammed the door shut and drove me the thirty yards to our gate. Today he earned my undying devotion: he stopped and bought me a coke, wouldn’t let me pay, just because I had asked about Coke’s in the market. That coke was much needed as I was flagging in the afternoon….and it tasted so extra good. So I told him, “Solomon, you are my hero today! Thank you!!”

Anyone who travels and is lucky enough to find Solomon as their driver: be very happy and tell him we all send our best!

5 thoughts on “>One of the Heroes

  1. >YEAH you’re home!!!!! …. just got my sick girl to bed and decided to check in quick. My other girly is sick also. Crazy week. Anyway, I chuckled about this post because sweet Solomon tried everything to win over Arsema’s heart. She would not be conquered … only her momma’s hip would do and thank goodness I packed enough Motrin to keep carting her all over Addis! HA. Actually made Daddy feel better that no one else could win her over either. Looks like your little boy is doing wonderfully! His hair is the best, huh?!! … I LOVED his hair. So glad you’re home and praying you settle in healthy and well. ~Shelly

  2. >SO HAPPY to see you all back with Tariku. What a beautiful family! Congrats.And Solomon is AMAZINGLY COOL! So glad you posted this. I loved all of the drivers. Such good guys. 🙂


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