>Good kid alert

>Warning: Shameless Mom Brag

Here is my 16 year old.
He is a typical teen boy.
Loves to make jokes.
Lives for his car and it’s stereo that he put in himself (now we are not talking hot rod, we are talking old volvo station wagon…still it has it’s own charm).
Is easily irritated by little sisters.
Eating us out of house and home (standard quote: “are you gonna finish that?”)
Knows everything….ahem.

However, when he needs to, this boy can pull it off. His work ethic astounds me.

This semester he had many strikes against him and his grades:
his grandmother died, necessitating a car trip across the country (w/ mom and 5 sibs, 21 hours each way, ouch) to attend the funeral,
he broke his knee in two places in an unusual ACL injury during a lacrosse game and had to have surgery (cast, crutches, brace),
and then we hauled him off to Africa and Egypt for 11 days (missing school and two days of finals),
not to mention the ultimate distraction – a new fun cute baby brother (he loves babies).

And still: he pulled all A’s for the semester.
We are amazed and proud and he earned every one. He worked his fanny off.

Way to go Booboo! We are proud of you!
And when a mom is proud, she happily embarrasses him, publicly if possible.


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