>Channeling my inner Isak Dinesen …..

I have a son in Africa…….

I hear that in my head, w/ Meryl Streep’s voice….unfortunately I don’t have the glamour or the elegance or the clothing budget, or heck, the farm…..

But. I have something better.
I have a son.
In Africa.
Gabriel Tariku.

And a friend who took many pictures of them and sent them this morning, despite jet lag and children of her own who are clamoring for her! Thank you Shelly!

So, two more days. Things are moving at warp speed here now. These pictures came at the perfect time, of course. They give me that final kick – the burst that you need at the end of a long run or race to make it to the finish (no matter how slow you go, ahem, stop laughing Buddybug).

You can see/read that my mind is zipping all over the place, not coherent. It’s the list. Running over and over in my head. What do we need to make happen before we go? Make sure we have? It’s relentless. It’s kind of silly.

All we need to do is get there.

Because we have a son in Africa:

Gabriel Louis Tariku

We’re on our way…..

{and sorry about the spacing, I can’t figure out how to make the layout work the way I want….}

6 thoughts on “>Channeling my inner Isak Dinesen …..

  1. >Oh I love the pics Michele!!!! He is just beautiful!! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see pics of you holding Gabriel!Hope you have a wonderful safe trip! Can’t wait to hear all the details!

  2. >Aaawwww …. I miss your little guy! He’s such a sweetie! I forgot to tell you that I guess he climbs over the back part (by the wall) of his crib to visit his crib mate to the side. This is how he gets his reputation. Ha!!! ….. but I’d have to see it to believe it because all I got to see what his tender/cuddly side. What fun you’re all gonna have together! Just wait til you run your fingers through his hair! Won’t be long now! Finish packing!! ~Shelly

  3. >Congratulations!! I know you may not have time – my gosh you’re leaving Saturday – but we just matched with a beautiful little girl through Gladney on Tuesday and if you have a chance to take a couple photos of her we would be very grateful! If you could e-mail me directly I would be happy to give you her name! Have a safe and joyous trip to your new son!!Maureen (mostan@aol.com)


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