>Ready to launch?

>SO….we are strapping ourselves to the rocket….erm….almost packed and ready to go tomorrow…

And we are not quite ready, but well, are you ever?
Not even if your bags are packed and counted, list checked twice.

But we are going.
It feels very much like strapping to a rocket to space.
Hang on tight and here we go!

My stress has risen some, there is a snag in paperwork for the embassy that will surely work itself out, but until it does, I’ll worry.
But at least I’ll have my boy in arms to wait for it…

In the meantime, I will shamelessly beg for your prayers, and for those of the saints, for a safe trip for all and for the paperwork to clear up. For peace.

St. Vincent de Paul, patron of orphans, pray for us!
St. Louis de Montfort, pray for us!
Archangel Gabriel, pray for us and my boy!

We are on our way!

Three, two, one…..lift off!!!!!

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