>Stuck,  we are stuck.  

We are still in Nashville, waiting for the past several hours for them to decide if our plane can fly.  
Brings such comfort on a stressful day…….but it’s our only hope to make it to D.C. and then on to Addis on tonight’s flight.  If this flight can go in the next 1.5 hours, then we can make our connection if we run.  If it can’t, then we have to take a later flight to DC and call the travel agent for a scramble of new routing.  
I don’t even want to think about the 16 bags we checked (only four of them our personal items…..close your mouths, don’t be shocked).  Happily even though we were six bags over, they only charged us for three.  That was a nice ticket counter gal!  
However, I have some worries, so I guess I’ll beg again for prayers.  Seems like a bunch of things keep snagging….  I guess God wants me to really give over control and stop being such a control freak, eh????  Sigh, I hate flying.
Just need to get there……
Still waiting……


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