>Stuck? part 2

>Ok, you guys are good!! Now, keep up those prayers a bit longer, pleeeasee!

They say that “maintenance is just running a few tests on the aircraft {again, not very comforting, but then again, better than not I suppose} and that we are hoping to board in the next 30 minutes. 
I hope I hope I hope.  
And well, it’s not every day we get to watch mechanics walk on top of planes w/ big drills and open engine hoods w/ big wrenches…..  So, here’s hoping and God bless mechanics!!!!!
Please keep up the prayers, we’ll take all we can get!  Thanks to all of you!
If we get the clear, we’ll post and or in D.C….. well, when I can.  I’d post a pic of the guy on the plane w/ the drill but I haven’t figured out how to yet…I’ll try to get my techie sons to help me out.  
Fingers crossed, prayers flying!

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