We are home!!! I am waiting for my son to upload his pics onto my computer so no pics yet. But I’ll post a few things I wrote waiting for my family to return from their side trip to Egypt…and yes, I’ll post pics of that too, cause it’s my blog and about the whole family…..and explain the wild path that led them to the land of pyramids….

BUT, for now, We are home! We are so happy and grateful to be home, safe and sound. The journey took us over 30 hours of travel. It’s a long trip. But it’s worth every moment to bring home this wonderful sweet baby boy. He is a joy. He is doing great and better than I had thought he would on entry. We are all a little wonked out on our body clocks but otherwise it is just great to be home, all together again!!!
This pic is arrival on American soil, post 17 hours on the plane (so yes, that explains so much! ahem…travel is only elegant and glamorous in Ralph Lauren ads).

5 thoughts on “>HOME AGAIN!

  1. >Welcome Home!!!!! I’m so glad to know your home and everything worked out! I kept you in my prayers all week!I agreee with Jennifer…you guys do look great for a 17 hour plane ride! I hope I look that joyful and radiant!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the details about your trip!!!

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